We Commit to our Builders

üto completing projects Right and Fast while maintaining a safe, clean & tidy site.

ü to meeting agreed deadlines.

üto keeping you informed on our progress throughout your projects through regular contact with our Project Manager & Project Supervisor to ensure that time frames and schedules are accurate and being met.

üto providing you with quality products and workmanship that meet Australian Standards.

üto providing you with a 12 month warranty on the products we supply and our workmanship.

üto providing you with invoices within one week of completion of each stage of your project.

üto adhering to the principal contractor’s site safety policies and Zenith Electrical Solutions Safety Connect Policies.

üto providing certificates of compliance along with the final invoice of a project i.e. Form 16s.

üto providing an accurate and detailed fixed price agreement for each project to be undertaken.

ü to providing accurate and detailed quotations of variations to a project in a timely manner.

üto receiving approval of variations before any variation works are commenced on a project.

üto having at least 1 fully qualified tradesperson on site at any one time that will be the project supervisor from commencement to finalisation.

üto providing a two hour walk through of each project to ensure the proposed electrical design is fine tuned to suit the actual floor plan.

üto conducting a minimum of four quality control audits throughout the project to ensure that our Client’s expectations are being met.

üto contacting the occupants of the project three months after hand over to arrange a suitable time to conduct a maintenance audit of the electrical installation and to carry out any rectifications immediately (i.e. supply and replace blown lamps).

üour understanding of the building process.

üthat we are set up, geared up and trained up to do builder’s work.

üto work with other trades for the benefit of project progression.